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With everything changing so fast in our businesses due to COVID-19 it is important that your online presence reflects these changes too. Your clients and prospective clients will expect that your online presence will be accurate also.

Here’s what you need to make sure you’re updating:

Google My Business

You’ll want to make sure that anyone that searches your business online sees accurate information about how your business is currently operating. As a fitness studio/club you would have noticed that google automatically marked you as closed, however, you can update this to show whether you are streaming live etc

Here’s how to update your Google My Business profile.

Your website

You don’t want to completely overhaul your website as it could affect your SEO. However, you will want to update your website to suit however you are currently running your business. For example:

– If your schedule has changed, make sure your clients and prospective clients can view the current schedule as it is.

– If your studio is now running classes virtually, make sure you let your clients and prospective clients know what program they need to have access to this.

– If your studio is closed, be sure to make it clear that this is temporary.

– If your pricing has changed, be sure to update this section also

One way to do this would be to add a banner to the top of your homepage or a pop up on your home page so that it grabs the attention of the visitors to your site and then push them to a page that is created solely for any communication about COVID-19 and how it has affected or changed your studio.

Social channels

Your clients are more than likely going to seek out up to date and accurate information from your social channels first. So make sure that what you have posted is relevant, up to date and helpful to your clients throughout this time.

This is your opportunity to shine as a leader in the industry as your clients seek reassurance and the desire to feel safe in your hands.


There is no sense in running ads for a product or service that is no longer viable. Be sure to update your advertising platforms to suit your current business offerings. For example:

– If your studio is currently running virtual classes instead of in-studio classes due to closures, why not switch your “in-studio introductory offer” ads to a “virtual class pass offer” so that you can still generate leads within your desired demographic that can experience your service through your virtual programs now.

– If your studio is closed, and you are not running any virtual classes, why not build your email lists by creating a series of ebooks that are released to subscribers, so that you can educate your ideal client on topics such as food, nutrition, holistic health, movement and mindset throughout this time, so that when you are gearing up for the bounce back you have a hot database of clients who know you, and trust in you and are ready to purchase?

Each time something changes with your business, run down this list and see if there’s anything you need to update. And, remember, this is only temporary.

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