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The term SEO or Search Engine Optimisation gets brought up a lot when you’re starting up with your business and in the digital marketing industry. It’s to make your website easily visible to users and potential customers. One thing you need to know is that SEO, just like fitness, you need to measure every progress that you make and like fitness, you have to maintain the focus on the objective.

But why is it important to use SEO for your fitness business even though you already have social media accounts? Here are the reasons why SEO is important for your business:

  • It helps to increase the traffic on your website through organic search results – Organic search results are earned through effective SEO.
  • It creates credibility and trust – You can use your ‘About Us’ page to talk about your company and you can even add testimonials and awards. You can also use Google Business, it allows your customer to leave reviews about their experience with your service.
  • Attract location-based customers and focus on local marketing – SEO can help you dominate your local marketing scene and attract customers within your area.
  • You won’t be wasting all the content that you’ve been making – Unfortunately, It’s a common mistake that start-up businesses make, publishing content without SEO. It’s a waste of effort and a waste of time because all those content won’t go anywhere.
  • You can use the insights to boost your business – when you use SEO, you’ll be getting to know your customers as well. You’ll know how they make their queries, how they ask questions, and the pattern of their searches so you can base your content on their searches.

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